Outfit of the day: So boho!

I think this is by far my favorite outfit this winter and maybe it’s my favorite dress of all times! I love the colours, the pattern, the fabric… it’s almost perfection! It would be totally perfect if it was just 10 cm longer so I could wear it with tights. But I think the trousers underneath look good as well. It gives it just that hint of boho that I like so much. Maybe you have seen the back of the dress in another picture already? I worn it to the castingday of Miss Plus Size 2011. See here
I tried to straighten my hair but after a while it just starts to curl again! It just don’t wanna be tamed 😉 

Dress Pure Woman | Trousers Yoek | Ring H&M
Boots Fred de la Bretonière
Bracelets Got them here and there | Earrings Hema

One Comment

  1. DalaLuz

    Love the boho look on you 🙂 colors make me happy, many colors make me happier! And those pants look great, I want them too. Just gained so much weight, but no money for new clothes, so I am sweat-panting it, the horror. But I don't get out much at all, so at least the world is spared that sight most of the times LOL


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