Inspiring Adèle

This week I got the new album by Adèle, 21. Since then I listen to it almost non-stop. I love Adèle, what a voice, what a style and what a beautiful person!
So today a tribute to Adèle. Listen to Someone like you, my favorite song on the album. I made a selfportret, with hair and make-up like Adèle. I think I keep it like this for now… I must say I like it, hope you like it too.

So I heard she’s looking for a house in Holland. So Adèle, if you read this: I don’t mind if you’re going to live in my street. I think we would make really good girlfriends 😉

Here some random pictures of Adèle I picked up on the internet. Her style is such an inspiration for me. The first two are pictures of her when she performed on The Voice of Holland. A bit blurry but I hope you get the idea! That dress was so amazing! I was told it’s made by Janice and it’s his new spring collection 2011. I certainly will go on a hunt for that dress!!

Have a nice sunday!

Love Els x

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