Webshop: Monsoon

I recently discovered this UK webshop called Monsoon. And oh my god! What a nice stuff they have… too bad though they are not delivering in Holland at the moment but you can find out here if they do deliver in your country.
Anyway, I found some great stuff so I wanted to share my picks with you. Most of the clothing is up to UK size 22 and they have some nice home decorating stuff (even wallpaper) as well. See for yourself!
My favourite is the tunic with the blue and pink print. I need that one asap!! So Monsoon: please send it over to Holland, it’s just across the pond 😉


  1. Ylenia

    OMG!!! I love all the clothes you’ve picked up!!!
    We have very similar tastes, tough

    I love Monsoon, I have discover it while living in the UK.
    Not cheap but worth it as they have unique style!
    It’s perfect for weddings/celebrations and accessories.

    Love Monsoon!


  2. Ilja

    Ohh Monsoon is ge-wel-dig! 2 jaar terug was ik met 3 vriendinnen in Londen en we hebben alle 5 de winkels leeggeshopt! Ik kocht tijdens de sale een zijden promdress van 150 pond voor slechts 20 pond !♥♥ Alles is daar zo mooi ^_^


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