Outfit of the day: Dots all over the place!

Today I felt like wearing my dots again. I guess the black, white and red combination is never out of style and I really like it. The skirt you’ve already seen a couple of times but it’s a great basic in my wardrobe. Whenever a dress or tunic is too short I can throw it underneath but it’s great on it’s own as well. So what’s your favourite colour combination?

I coloured my hair the other day, can you tell? All the grey is gone and they put in a few highlights as well. I think they did a pretty good job! Very natural 😉
Blouse and skirt Mateloos | Leggings Only | Shoes Café Moda
Ring CrazyDaisy | Earrings Hema
Nailpolish Catrice no. 070 Caught on the red carpet


  1. Ylenia

    Love your look! Polka dots are making a come back. what I love from you dress are the wide sleeves!!!!!!
    and the skirt looks the perfect match of the dress.

    p.s. I wouldn't say you dye your hair…..


  2. Els Sprenkeling

    Thnx Ylenia! The sleeves are great but not very handy when cooking 😉
    Oh and the hair… it's my first time colouring it, (just the roots, not the whole lenght) but I was terrified! Luckely it turned out great!


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