Online plussize shopping: Otto

I can’t remember I ever ordered something on Otto. And I know why that is. I think their website is hidious, the pictures are as well and their plus size clothing is too old for my taste. I may be 41 but that doesn’t mean I have to dress in flowery curtains or polyester stretch pants!
Anyway, I was browsing through their website and I must say that the plus size range is expanded since the last time I visited and there is some great stuff in there. You still have to digg a little bit for your treisures but you definately have to check out the labels ‘Zo ben ik’ and ‘Joe Brown’.
I ordered the maxi-dress below, and if it’s all I hope it’s going to be than that will be maxi-dress no. 7 for me. Enough…? Time will tell!
PS. The Asos Curve maxi-dress just came in and it’s wonderfull! 
Hope to make OOTD pictures soon!


  1. lievemiekjuh

    Ik kan me net als jij ook absoluut niet herinneren dat ik ooit iets bij de Otto heb gekocht….grappig toch. Maar die spijkertuniek en zwarte blazer zijn echt TOPPERS!! Toch maar eens kijken dan….



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