City trip to Maastricht

Last weekend I went to Maastricht with my boyfriend (sounds so stupid because we are 25 years together and not married, but officially he’s still my boyfriend). We just had a few relaxing days in a beautiful hotel and walked, shopped an ate. I was amazed that Maastricht only had 2 plussize shops, and the worst part of that is that it’s for older woman… What tot do when you’re young, curvy, living in Maastricht and want to dress fahionable? I guess you go A. shop in another city, B. shop online or C. move to another city!!

The pictures | The St. Servaes bridge | An old port | Nice store window | Church that is now a bookstore, this the steel door | Inside the church | City hall | Our supercozy bed at the hotel | From the hotel window | Sneak peak of my Asos maxidress and two necklaces I bought at H&M and Pieces (key)


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