Shopping stuff

Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip. I had my eyes on a fake leather jacket at H&M BiB and after seeing Chiara in an outfit with a simular jacket and a flower skirt I knew I had to have a fitting session. On the hanger it looks a bit boring but on my body it’s perfect!
The white blouse (H&M BiB) is perfect for my white gypsy maxi skirt and I think I will style it with the camel belt and golden accessoiries and camel shoes or boots. I bought it 2 sizes bigger so it will be a loose fit.
Some accessoiries: all H&M except the brushes, they are by Gosh and it’s real hair en they feel great! The bunny ring is so cute that I bought one for my daughter as well.
Belts: the small one is by M&S en goes around me twice and the other one is a real leather one by H&M BiB.
Hope you like it!
X Els

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