My life in pictures

I saw a blog post a few weeks ago at Ilja’s blog where she shared her life in twitpics. I thought it was such a lovely idea to use in my blog so you get to know me a bit better. I make snap shots with my iPhone all the time about all kinds of things: food, fashion, my crazy cats or simply as a reminder. Most of them I share on Twitter. Hope you enjoy them!

Insalata di caprese. It’s my family’s favourite salad!
The dress I bought at the Plussize Fair in Eindhoven. 
Had to fight to get it since it was the last one!!
I promise to make some proper outfit shots with it.
DIY earring which I made of fake flowers.
Shirt by H&M BiB which you can see in an outfit post here.
I was cleaning out my closets and I found these cuties. 
I forgot all about them!
Finished and organised closet. I like to keep things colour coördinated. This way I can see when I buy to many black things 😉
I downloaded an app on my iPhone where I can rework my pictures, here I used an old picture effect.
Wisdom in a cup of cappucino.
Table decoration for a dinner party. The theme was Marocco. 
Couscous time!!
Meet James, my cute little crazy cat.
And finally my new glasses arrived. What do you think?
Love Els x


  1. Els Sprenkeling

    Thanks Ylenia for the italian lesson 😉 and yes, the caprese is lovely in summer (Today is 26 degrees) if only we had those tasty italian tomatoes…
    And of course it´s not my only closet! This one is in my bedroom and contains everything I wear now and in summer. The other one holds the winterstuff and things I sometimes wear or do not dear to throw away.
    And thanks for the compliment on the glasses, I really have to get used to it…


  2. Miss_G

    Wat leuk dit! Oooh en die maxijurk, daar ben ik gewoon verliefd op! Heb jij enig idee of hij misschien ergens in de winkel te koop is? En leuk je bril! Ben zelf nu helemaal aan de mijne gewend, duurt toch wel even! (en ik moet toegeven, heel soms als ik met m'n bril op in de spiegel kijk schrik ik er een beetje van haha!)


  3. Els Sprenkeling

    @Miss_G de maxi-jurk is van Mateloos. Ik geloof dat ze nog een xs hadden op de beurs maar de stof is op dus helaas niet meer bij te maken. Hij is er nog wel in andere prints, niet je even op hun site kijken.
    Ik moet ook erg wennen aan mijn bril hoor. Heb hem ook niet constant op 😉


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