Summertrends: No. 1

With all the new collections in stores right now I wanted to show you some trends for this summer.

Trend 1: Color blocking.
If you like color, this is the season for you! Anything goes as long as it’s colorfull, printless and your outfit contains at least 3 colors.
It’s not exactly my cup of tea but when I saw this picture of Stephanie of the blog Big Beauty wear it I must say I like it and maybe give it a try sometime.

picture: le blog de big beauty
Last winter you saw some color blocking already and my guess is that it stretches out until next winter.

What do you say: color blocking, yes or no?


  1. Miss_G

    Colorblocking hell yes ;)! Ben zelf al volop aan de slag ermee gegaan; onlangs kast opgeruimd en heel veel kleurtjes gevonden.. Meest gewaagd was tot nu toe m'n felroze skinny met een diepblauw shirtje… ik word er helemaal vrolijk van!


  2. Katrin

    I like this trend on others, but I am so addicted to my black stuff… I will see if I can find some nice colored stuff, then maybe I'll give it a try xD

    I think it looks best with a 2 or 3 color, like a dress and different colors shoes and a bright clutch.


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