Outfit of the day: Flower girl

Two weeks ago I went to do some shopping with my daughter. And I swear I wasn’t going to buy anything for myself… but… as soon as I headed to the cash register I saw this gorgeous flower print fabric in the corner of my eye. I just had to check it out and as soon as I saw that it was a dress I fell in love instantly! I knew it was made for me and without trying it on I bought it right away! Oops, I did it again 😉
But be honest, I would have been a complete fool to let this one hanging there… right?  
Because the weather in Holland is completely confused right now (it’s almost fall!) wearing some tights is not such a stupid idea. The blazer is from Carmakoma and the cut is just amazing and it goes with almost everything in my closet.
The dress has a bow of the same fabric but I used this black belt instead to make a contrast in the outfit and also to bring the color of the shoes and tights back.
I did my nails in ‘half moon’ style. You cut a simple dotted sticker in half and apply it on your nails and polish them. When the polish is dry, take the stickers off et voila! Next time I do it in two tones.
I used a curling iron (yeah, I know I have curls) to make waves but then decided to make a messy bun. The waves last for days so the work is not lost.
Dress H&M BiB
Blazer Carmakoma
Heels Cafe Moda
Belt Yoursclothing
Flower H&M
Ring Ydeltuyt
Tights Yoursclothing
Nails Catrice ‘Lost in mud’ no. 220


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