Featured: spreading the love by Anika

Check out the interview that the lovely Anika from ByAnika posted on her blog. In the series ‘Spreading the Love’ she wants to let bloggers from all over the world in all sizes have their saying about fashion.
Anika is a unique and very creative blogger from Helsinki who designs her own dresses. She combines animal print with  feathers in a unique way.
I am a curvy self worth activist and fashionlover blogging about the clothes I design and live my life in. My style is Bold Eclectic Chic with sass and soul – designed By Anika.
My philosophy on clothes is much the same as on life; embrace your self and don`t let anyone tell you you are not valuable and beautiful, because I strongly believe that we all are, regardless of size.
My take on clothes is all about playfulness and self respect, as a (curvy) woman I am now loving my self and my curves, recognizing that I bloody well CAN wear colours and great shapes! I like to rework my clothes and design my own, if the clothes don`t fit me, then honey, they need changing -not me! Can I get an AMEN! LOL!
I want to live my life as the best me I can be, not regretting the choices I didn`t dare to make, whether it be reaching out to you sweet readers – or schlepping on a white dress and actually stepping out of the house in it. ;) )

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