Slink! A plussize magazine

Meet the new online plussize magazine slink!
“SLiNK magazine is a bi-monthly, glossy, fashion and lifestyle bible aimed at women size 14+. Every two months we bring you the hottest fashion trends, amazing beauty tips and products, delicious recipes, homeware, culture, technology, travel and much much more. In fact once you have SLiNK in your life, you’ll wonder how you survived without us!”

“We set up SLiNK because we really felt that 14+ women were being overlooked by the industry, there are no other plus size magazines that we feel have the same aspirational lifestyle and fashion aspects of SLiNK.

In our beautiful magazine you will find inspirational fashion shoots, top trends, fabulous food, tantalising travel ideas, books, exhibitions, theatre, film, homewares, technology, interesting articles, basically, we are a lifestyle and fashion bible! 
We try to ensure that every item of clothing featured on a trend page runs from at least a size 14-22 (although we always aim for higher) 
SLiNK is not about curvy vs skinny, it’s about loving the person you are and making the most of life and style no matter your size!”

I couldn’t agree more! What a super great magazine. Not only from a stylists view but the graphic designer in me wishes she designed this magazine herself. Gorgeous lay-out, font use, photography and colors.

Anyway, it’s their second issue and I love that it’s not all about fashion but beauty, travel, food and other stuff as well. I really like the illustrations they use: designer fashion illustrated on plussize models!
Here’s a sneak peak of Slink, but go see for yourself here.

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