OOTD: Under the turquoise sun

It’s been a while (again) but hey, I’ve been busy and didn’t realize that’s it was already a few weeks back since my last post. So here I am! I really wanted to show you this dress by Asos Curve and although the weather didn’t seem to work with me today (it’s poring cats and dogs all day long) I ran out when it was dry for a few minutes so I hope you like the quicker than quick shots I made.

Well, this dress just makes me happy, or at least the color does. I thought the neckline was a bit higher than I usually wear but I guess a girl sometimes likes to wear something that doesn’t show cleavage that much. Right? And the back has a little surprise 😉

Oh and yes, I got a haircut and it’s a bit short for my taste but it will grow back, eventually, I hope 😉

Love Els x

Dress Asos Curve
Cardigan Miss Etam
Shoes Tango
Belt Yoursclothing
Rings By1Oak, Ydeltuyt


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