OOTD: Zebra pants

Well, here I am, with my pants on! I think it’s a first on this blog, me wearing pants. I don’t like pants that much, I’m more of a dress/skirt kind a gal. I even hate jeans (on me that is…) and I don’t know what it is but even now and then I find a pair to my liking. So what do you think: more pants wearing on the blog or not?

Oh and those heels: gorgeous but they are killing my feet! Auch!

Love Els x

Pants Great Looks (last year)
Blouse & blazer H&M BiB (last year)
Shoes Blink
Glasses Action
Necklace Mi Moneda
Ring Ydeltuyt


  1. Katrin

    Wow amazing. I am in the same kind of relation with pants, but this year I really want to get a great fitted pair! The zebra wants look awesome and you rock these killer heels, but I couldn't even think of wearing them without getting in pain 😀


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