OOTD: Girl on a mission

I had so much fun today shooting for the blog. The wind was playing with me and my skirt and even now, while writing this, I smile again when thinking about the people passing by, wondering what the *bliep* is she doing out there?

Well people, I can tell you exactly what I’m doing out there. I’m on a mission to tell all you girls and woman that you can have fun dressing up when you are curvy. And that you can look and feel beautiful. Just by putting on clothes that match your personality. Don’t hide your curves, show them and be proud of them!

Now and than I get compliments by complete strangers that I look nice or great or that I have a nice dress. When they say it they sound almost surprised… like it’s impossible for a curvy girl to look nice. Don’t get me wrong, I love compliments and those people mean well. In my opinion you have to put in just a bit of extra effort to look good when you are a big girl, put on some make-up, do your hair, wear those heels hiding in your closet. You feel better when you do, am I right? Yes, I am and you know it!

About the clothes: this blouse I got some time ago from Big on Fashion. Remember the personal card that came with it? (see here) I’ve worn it quite a bit but didn’t use it in a OOTD so far. So here it is. The skirt is made by me. I made another one and I an’t wait to show you. So coming up soon…

Love Els x

Coat: PAS (old)
Blouse Replace
Skirt DIY
Heels Bullboxer
Belt Carmakoma
Tights Hema
Ring Topshop
Necklace Lana’s Sieraden (seen on the lovely Nefferth from ModePlus!)
Eye liner Blacktrack fluid line by MAC
Lips Lady Danger by MAC
Nails Fred said Red by Catrice


  1. Karin Mudde

    Hier een shout out van Big on Fashion! Bedankt voor je vermelding, we zien gelijk bezoekers van jouw blog naar bigonfashion.nl toestromen. Cewl! Deze top was een gouden greep want hij staat je super. Enjoy.

    And for all you non Dutchies: bigonfashion.eu is being translated as we speak. Can't wait to help you too!


    Big on Fashion


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