My life in pictures

What are you looking at?
1. A fake Arty ring, ❤ it!
2. A new iPhone cover from Asos
3. Dinner with my love
4. My porn heels 😉 bought 3 pairs of shoes at a sample sale at Café Moda
5. Extreme rain the other day, the street became a swimming pool!
6. Beautifull dutch model Daniëlle van Grondelle in Jackie Magazine
7. Meet Harry, he’s trying on my new glasses necklace 😉 Very sophisticated!
8. A Mimic Copenhagen bag I got from Elle magazine. It’s huge!
9. Smoothies! Made by my daughter Anne
10. Enyoing a ‘Bossche bol’. It’s a sort of cake ball covered with chocolate and filled with whipped cream. It’s a famous pastry from the dutch city Den Bosch
11. Flowers from my love
12. A gorgeous man at my feet! This is Storm, he was hit by a car 6 weeks ago and broke his spine, he had to live in a bench for 5 weeks. Poor guy, but he’s is free again! Oh and the shoes are one of the 3 pairs I bought at the sample sale 😉
13. An advertising design I made this week
14. Planning my trip to Paris with my daughter. All tips are welcome!!
That’s all folks! Wish you a very nice weekend and enjoy mothers day!
Love Els x


  1. Ylenia

    going to Paris? wow!!! one tip: in from of teh Opera there is Printemps. goes to their 6th floor, there is a restaurant with a huge terrace. you can go there even if you do not want to eat and just……enjoy the view!!! it's amazing, you can see all Paris and maybe you can skip the visit up to the Tour Eiffel (it takes ages)..

    have fun and shop!!!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette


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