Shopping: New in

Did some shopping last weekend and yesterday and this is what I brought home with me:

1. Yellow sweater, H&M+ 29,95 euro
2. Scented candle in ‘Cotton Flower’, H&M 6,95 euro
3. Studded belt, C&A 7,- euro
4. Minty ring, Bijou Brigitte 7,95 euro
5. Gold bow ring, Bijou Brigitte 5,95 euro
6. Earcuff, H&M 5,95 euro
7. Neon coral/silver ring, H&M 3,95 euro
8. Textured nailpaint, Barry M in Ridley Road + Kingsland Road 5,34 euro
9. Pink blouse with studded collar, H&M+ 29,95 euro
10. Pink studded belt, C&A 12,- euro
11. Minty bag, 29,95 euro, bought at ‘De Grote Maten Beurs’

I’m ready for spring…!

Love Els x

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