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En? Genieten jullie ook zo van je vakantie en het heerlijke weer? Voor ik op (een zeer welverdiende) vakantie ging schreef ik een gastblog voor Misschien heb je het al gelezen, anders is hier de link. Ik vond het heel leuk om te doen en ik wilde jullie wel eens vertellen waarom ik blog. Ik geniet nog even verder van mijn vakantie maar ik ben snel weer terug mét een heel leuk nieuwtje 🙂 Tot snel!

Love Els x


So, are you enjoying your holidays and the great weather? Before I went on my (well deserved) holiday I wrote a guestblog on It’s in dutch but I tried to translate it for you and you can read it below. I enjoyed doing it and to finally tell you the reason why I blog. I’m off to enjoy my vacation for a bit more but I’ll be back soon. And with some exciting news…!

Love Els x


My guestblog:

Hi, my name is Els, graphic designer and plussize fashion blogger on xl Fashionfile. Okay, I thought about it for a long time if I should write a guestblog yes or no. And if I would write one, what would it be about? About how I became a size EU52? About the horror of dieting? Nah, that’s not me… I’m sure there’s a reason for me being plus size but I’m a positive person so I would write about dealing with being plus size and how I share this on my blog.
Do I wish to be thinner? Yes, if I’m totaly honest, two sizes down would be nice. But it is what it is and so I have to deal with it.

Making my own clothing
I love fashion, always have and always will. In my early years I already had a solid idea how I should look. When I still was in school, there was no money to buy that fancy expensive pants. So I learned myself to coop with this problem and how to make clothes and be creative about styling. Being creative comes in handy when you have a size plus. I don’t make my own clothes that much anymore because there is a lot of cute stuff outthere. But it’s still not enough…

Plussize corner in the back of the store
My ideal would be to walk into a store and be able to buy the same fashionable clothing as my non-plus size girlfriend. And in the same department, not in plus size section back in the corner of the store. But that’s not happened yet, and if it will ever be so? I don’t know…
Since October 2010 I blog about plus size fashion. At first I carefully wrote some articles but soon I posted outfits of myself. Now I almost exclusively post outfits of myself. Why do I do that? Not because I like to take my picture (not really!) And certainly not because I have model ambitions. But I’m a girl on a mission: I want to inspire plus size women and show that dressing yourself can be so much fun. Maybe my style isn’t always your taste but it gives you an idea how it can be done, show yourself and be proud of your body. It is what it is and you have to live with that body.

Thick legs
Of course, sometimes I’m insecure about certain things in terms of my body, but I think every woman is familiar with that feeling. Plus size or straight size, we all have our ‘things’. For me: my chubby legs, you wouldn’t see me wearing a short skirt or shorts. But with opaque tights I sometimes overcome my insecurities and wear them anyway.
I often get compliments (of complete strangers as well): ‘you look so great’. In itself a compliment (always nice) but I sense there is always a kind of astonishment. As if fat people can not look nice or fashionable. Of course they can, why not? “We” can do that just as well as straight size women. But … and here it comes … I think many plus size women do not want to. Afraid to stand out, because they are all so big, that idea.

Afraid to stand out
Last week I read a comment on a photo on Facebook of someone (it was a comment on an outfit) and she said: “Yes, I like that print but not on my big body.” I commented back that a print is just flattering for a plus size woman! But what they really meant to say was: “I’m already big and with a print like that I stand out and people notice me”. Afraid to stand out. And I swear that this is not the only plus size woman who thinks like that. Too bad right? It’s a shame woman think like that. Why shouldn’t I notice you? Are you less than your straight size colleague or friend because you happen to be bigger? Really? Well, come on! You’re worth it, let people know you exist, show them it is possible! And then maybe I’m not surprised when I get a compliment. I really wish for that.

Love Els x

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