#acceptnorules Zizzi bloggers event and show in Copenhagen!

Oh my… where to begin with this? It was so much fun! I’m still trying to land on planet earth as we speak šŸ™‚ Well, let’s begin at the beginning…
On friday evening I flew to snowy Copenhagen with the other dutch bloggers Dionne, Nefferth and Edith, checked in at the at the gorgeous Square hotel and ate very fashionably late at Mc Donalds šŸ˜‰
Saturday began with shopping in THE shopping street of Copenhagen, I think there’s no end to this street! My goodness! After that we went to the Zizzi bloggers event located at a very old factory building, I so like those nostalgic buildings. I met other bloggers from Germany and Danmark, the lovely Rikke (Sticky Sweet Danish) and Karina (Copenhagen Curves). It was so great to meet them in person because I follow their blogs every week.
We had the chance to see and feel the fall/winter collection of 2014. So many great peaces we saw in the show as well. The Zizzi designers talked about some of the pieces and what we wanted to see in the future. I had a great talk with Trine, designer by Zizzi, what a lovely woman! She was so passionate about designing, where she got the inspiration, etc.
At the end we went backstage to see the rehearsal of the models and we had the chance to pick stuff from the new collection! Yeah! So many gorgeous things, I picked some great stuff. Outfit posts coming up off course!
Later that evening the show began. What a show! What an energy the models gave us. Seeing Denise Bisot working it, and the dutch models Sharon, Janneke and Tess. They were rocking that catwalk, I’m so proud of them! I loved the styling of the show, very playfully done. The statement of the show was: We except no rules! Curvy fashion free styling! Forget the rules, if you like it wear it! Mix and match whatever you feel like. A statement right up my alley!
Ā Ā 

After the show we had a great afterparty. All the models joined the party, I met Denise Bidot and made a selfie with her, she’s so lovely! And of course we had some lovely cocktails and very much fun at the Photo Booth! I had no feet left when we went back to the hotel, but who cares? Ā I want to thank Zizzi for making this possible, I loved every minute of it! ā¤
Love Els x


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