Making a statement

A statement photo by Granddiva Magazine  in response to an article in dutch newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’  two weeks ago (read it here, it’s in dutch). They published a photo of plussize models and the heading said: The fatter Doutzens’. You can imagine the comments on that heading: a lot of people commented that those models are not fat (‘If they are fat, what am I’?). No they are not fat, they are plusmodels who happen to be normal in de real world and fat in the fashion world. End of discussion I think. Although I don’t like the heading (bad choice of words), I do like the picture very much. Gorgeous women. Same goes for this one. Beautiful woman who deserve to be noticed. Let’s all be a bit more aware of the fact that there are simply all kinds of people on this planet and what would it be great to tolerate oneanother no matter your size, skincolor or religion. The photo above would have been even better if a dark model was in it as well. Just saying’ 🙂 Great job to the brave women in this photo. Love it!

That’s all for now, peace on earth 😉

Love Els x

Oh and here’s the photo that was published in The Volkskrant.

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