Outfit > 14.02.2014 Obi wan kenobi

I think a happy dance is in order here 😉 As soon as I saw this obi-belt midi-dress dress pop-up on Asos my hart started pounding very very fast. Little hearts started popping out of my ears… Love! But when it dropped on my doormat this week and I unpacked it, well, let’s just say it was a little disappointment to take out a completely crinkled piece of coral cloth. Meeh.. 😦 But after a little reanimation with the flatiron and a proper fitting the hearts started to plop again. Yeah! It’s also available in black and I was thinking to order that one as well, but no… black just isn’t my thing and I learned from the past that it simply doesn’t work. It’s just not the same.
Oh and let me tell you about these leather pants (Yeah! Real leather!) from Junarose (officially called leggings). The leather is really soft and the stretchy fabric on the side helps fitting your curves the right way. The only thing was that I have a very curvy bum and a back that’s curved as well so I had to take the back in a little bit. Now it fits me perfectly and I’ve worn it quite a few times. It just spices up my outfits the rockchick way (and I love that!).
So now that I’m totally in love with this outfit I might as well celebrate Valentine’s day with it 🙂
Hope you have a lovely Valentine’s day!
Love Els x
Dress Asos Curve | Leather leggings Junarose | Anckle boots Sacha
Necklace Asos | Ring Six | Lips Lady Danger by M.A.C.


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