Outfit > 21.02.2014 The leather t-shirt dress

In my last post I told you I was putting back some black into my closet. This was the next black thing that I wanted so bad. The leather dress (yes, it’s a dress!). I loved the leather skirt on this but wasn’t sure about the t-shirt part. But I like it… for now at least. Maybe in the future I’ll cut off the shirt so I can mix and match it with other tops. On the other hand it’s so easy, throw this on and you’re good to go. Let’s just wait and see what I will do with it. The leather of the skirt is soft but not too soft to just hang there. It gives just a little flare to shape it the way I like it. Next thing on my wish list is a blazer. The perfect one!

Tell me, do you have a wish list, and what’s on it?

Enjoy your weekend! Love Els x

Dress Asos Curve + Clutch Fab + Shoes Blink + Necklace Asos + Ring Six

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