Outfit > 18.03.2014 Got me a real ‘Edith Dohmen’

It took me 2 years to finally get this pink playsuit on the blog. I guess some things just need time and it just wasn’t the right time until now. Sometimes I have 2 voices in my head. One was saying ‘You love this playsuit and you need this right now, you look fab in it’! And the other was telling me not to even try wearing them with those chubby legs 😩 Well, finally I stopped listening to last one and just went for it. It’s all in the process of excepting my legs and not being insecure about it, I told you about that before, remember? The only thing with this playsuit is that it sticks to my body… at least today it did… it was al static… maybe I have to line it, not sure what to do. Who has the golden tip for me?
The other reason why I wanted to wear it now is the blazer (I blame the blazer). I think it’s a match made in heaven, the colors work great together. I’m so thrilled that I fitted in this Edith Dohmen piece! I’m in desperate need of some good tailored ones and Edith told me that this model is just a bit bigger than the other ones and that I just had to try it. The sizing goes up to EU48 and I’m a size EU50/52. Most of the time I get stuck in the sleeves or the tailoring is just way off. This one is perfection. Happy dance 🙂 Click on the link below in the credits, it’s on sale now and only 50 euro’s.

Have a nice week y’all!

Love Els x

Blazer Edith Dohmen | Playsuit Asos Curve (old)
Shoes Café Moda | Ring Six | Camee broche vintage

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