Outfit > 21.03.2014 Soft springcolors

Yes! It’s officially spring! Well, today the weather will not be that great here in Holland but when I shot this outfit yesterday it was 21˚C. I love springtime with the blossom trees and the flowers popping up everywhere (and my freckles popping up as well). Springtime just makes me happy and it makes me want to be outdoors as much as I can. And I love spring colors. Soft nudes or pastels if you wish, yes, I want more of those in my closet! I came across this maxi-skirt the other day (click here for the inspiration) and although the size only went up to a EU48 (UK20) I just tried it and it fits just fine. I think I will be wearing this a lot…

Enjoy your weekend! Love Els x

Skirt Promiss | Blazer Carmakoma (old) | Top New Look (old)
Wedges Sacha | Little rings Melano | Bag Pieces (old)

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