Houston we have a problem: Toss or take?

You might already have read that I’m going to clean out my closet for the Shop my closet sale with 6 other bloggers on april 12. Well, if anything is difficult for me to do is get rid of my beloved clothes. I’m pulling my hair thinking I might toss something and then later on regret it. But okey, the closet is full, some tossing has to be done, so help me please!
On Facebook (click) you can find stuff I already picked to leave my closet but I need your help with the following stuff. 
Toss or take?

If you don’t wear my size it’s okey, there will be enough sizes from the other bloggers as well. 
Hope to see you soon!

Love Els x

Worn only once. Love this dress but somehow I never wear it…

I love the color and the lace on this dress but is doesn’t do much for my figure…

Carmakoma dress, beautifully made and tears come to my eyes if this one goes… but it’s too big for me… 😦

Lovely jacket by MS Mode, never worn. It’s a bit too big on me

Pink boyfriend blazer. Hangs in my closet and never wear it… love it though…

Here’s the blazer in action. I think I will keep this one… right?
Look at me al cute and stuff. Take or toss?

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