Styling for the Coiffure Awards 2014

Today I have a different kind of post, I really wanted to share this with you and show you what I’ve been working on. Some months ago I was busy styling some shoots for the Dutch Coiffure Awards 2014. Very busy I might add. But I’m so lucky that I can do something I really love and work with these passionate creative people.
The Coiffure Award is a very prestigious award, hair stylist from all over the Netherlands work their asses off to try and win this award. Last friday we heard if the hair stylists were nominated. One hair stylist (Sander van Nunen) was nominated for the Consumer Award and you can vote for him here, he’s number 8 (he will be forever grateful if you vote for him!). Helas, no nominations for the rest of the shoots but I’m very proud of what we created and I loved every minute of it. Hope you like our work as much as we do!

Love Els x

Hair stylist: Sander van Nunen (HAIR2DAY professionals)PhotographyYvonne van Dalen,
MUA: Dianne NieuwenhuisenJeske NieuwenhuisenStyling: Els Sprenkeling
Models: Michelle van Bijnen, Greet van der VeenYangQiong van HuetLisa Maes

Hair stylist: Giovani Cornelia (Quiff & Colorz)Photography: Yvonne van Dalen
MUA: Charlotte Mua, Styling: Els Sprenkeling, Model: Kim Slager

Hair stylist: Cindy Stoopen (HAIR2DAY professionals)Photography: Gijs Moonen, 
Imaging: Els Sprenkeling, MUA: Peter Dwars, Styling: Els Sprenkeling
Model: Lies Heesen

Hair stylist: Cindy Stoopen (HAIR2DAY professionals), Photographer: Yvonne van Dalen,
MUAPeter DwarsStyling: Els Sprenkeling
Models: Kevin Delsen VanBoray KocozNiels HoekmanEduardo Perez-Carvajal


  1. Longuette

    may I say Wow??? I love this post. please keep on sharing what you are doing in life, on top of outfit posts. this job sounds very glamourous. in fact, these outfits, the aircuts and the models are fab!!! you've done a good job tough 🙂


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