Junarose outfit > 18.02.2014 Almost back to black

I don’t wear that much black anymore. I used to all the time. But when I went to styling academy I was told black was not my color. Well, I knew that of course, but it felt secure and easy. Black just makes me pale. I can get away with it when I wear my hair down, it works as a buffer against the black 🙂 Anyway, more than half of my closet was filled with black and from then on I forbid myself to buy black clothes. I mean, leggings yeah, but tops or dresses no. Now my closet is a wild adventure filled with color and print. Love it! And now, after a few years, I allow myself to put a little bit of black in it again. And so I came accross this H&M+ blouse with the frill in front, very versatile, and this skirt by Junarose. It’s a simple skirt with pleats on the side to hide your wobbly bits. The leggings even things out, I have to wear a bit of color, right? It’s Junarose as well and it’s a low cut legging. Not too comfortable for my curvy bum, a bit higher would have been nicer. During the day I have to pull them up otherwise they slip down under my bum (it happend!).

See you next time! Love Els x

Skirt and leggings Junarose (gifted) | Blouse H&M+
Camee Bijoux Brigitte | Rings Melano | Shoes (old) Café Moda


  1. Mette Møller Nielsen

    Thank you for being a lovely inspiration 🙂 I share your views on Junaroses pants. They are simply not 'build' for a curvy bum. I wish they would add some hight and some curve…


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