Outfit > 09042014 Wallflower

No I’m not. A wallflower I mean. Well, I’m not the most abundant person in a room, in fact I used to be quite shy. My outfits may suspect otherwise I guess, but that’s just because I love fashion and I wear what I like. I dress for me and not for somebody else. To me that is very important. Wear whatever you want. Forget the rules, forget what everybody else thinks. Let your personality speak through your clothes. That to me is pure fashion freedom!
The blazer you have seen before here (still love it!) and the dress I fell for when I saw the print. The fabric flows so nicely. I think I will be wearing this one a lot when summer hits us. Bare legged with some wedge sandals. Oh yes…

Do you wear what you like? Or do you dress what others expect from you? Or must you consider your clothes for work?

Love Els x

Oh and PS: What do you think of my new wallpaper? 🙂

Dress Asos Curve | Blazer Edith Dohmen | Shoes Blink | Ring Topshop | Necklace Shoeby


  1. Mette Møller Nielsen from Copenhagen

    You look great! Thank you for all snapshots of your outfits. Its such a great source of inspiration. And your jewellery is so bold.


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