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Way before Christmas I had an interview and a photoshoot for dutch magazine Margriet for their Big, Beautiful & Happy’ issue. I’m so honored to share the cover with dutch plusmodel Janneke van Opstal and Anouk, my favorite singer! (Yeah! I share a magazine with her!) I already told you on my Facebook page but since the interview was in dutch I will translate it for my english readers. It was a fun shoot, held in a beautiful home in Amsterdam Blijburg. The whole shoot had to be styled in blue/white/grey with a hint of black, not really my colors but I think this bright blue top is nice (Junarose). I ended up wearing my own skirt (H&M+) and heels. I’m proud to be featured in this magazine and I hope to inspire a lot more curvy women in the future. Hope you like it! Oh and scroll down to see a little video of the shoot and see the other women who participated. The magazine is available this week till thursday (so hurry!) if you want to read the rest of it.

The interview:

Big, beautiful & Happy

These curvy readers are happy in their skins. Sometimes it was a battle. Six plussizers on their body, looks and lust for life!

Els: ‘I hope to inspire other curvy women through my blog’

Els Sprenkeling (45) is a graphic designer, stylist and blogger, She lives together with Piet and they have a daughter (15) and son (14).

“The scale, that’s something I haven’t used in years. I know exactly when I gain weight, I notice by my clothes. I’m fat. As a child I was not really delicately built. I gained when I started living together with my boyfriend. The two of us ate a complete meatloaf. I really like sports, I feel better when I work out. Two, sometimes three times a week, I go to a high shape class; this is half an hour of aerobic dance followed by strengthening exercises. My weight is not only around my hips but is evenly distributed over my body so that I am in proportion. I’m don’t have a sweet tooth. I like a piece of cheese, sausage, nuts, that kind of food. It’s healthy, I think I can get away with that. But lately I often take a piece of fruit instead of cheese. I do not get many bad comments about my figure but unfortunately not everyone can say that, at least that’s what I read on social media sites. Negative reactions can make you insecure about yourself. I’m not bothered by it. I’m comfortable in my own skin and I hope to inspire other curvy women by my blog. I mostly post outfits and show the great and new stuff the plussize labels offer. I also write about trends or events. Dutch women are a bit dull in their choice of clothes. I think they can be more bold, whether they are slim or plussize. Personally, I wear a lot of color and prints but almost never black. My closet is filled with printed dresses. That is a result of my styling education. Then it struck me how many black clothes I had. Black is not good for my mood… so whenever I shop I try to not look at the black stuff. Last year I was an ambassador for the Danish brand Junarose, the plussize sister of Vera Moda and Only that extends to size 54. That was so much fun! I also started Women from size 42 can book a photoshoot with styling and make-up advice. Very fun to do and a boost for your self-confidence. The biggest compliment I got was from a woman who said she took positivity from my blog and that she hoped she would have my strength and courage to dress more bold. The funny thing was that she was much thinner than I am. So there you have it: beauty exists between your ears. “


Nog voor de kerst had ik een interview en fotoshoot voor Margriet voor het ‘Big Beautiful & Blij nummer. Wauw zeg… Sta ik daar toch mooi op de cover mét plusmodel Janneke van Opstal én mijn favoriete zangeres Anouk. Yeah! Sta ik in hetzelfde nummer als haar 🙂 Ik heb dit vorige week natuurlijk al gedeeld op mijn Facebookpagina maar wilde het hier ook nog even kwijt met de engelse tekst voor mijn buitenlandse lezers. Als het goed is kun je het nederlands gewoon lezen op de foto hieronder. Het was een leuke en relaxte shoot in een mooi huis in Amsterdam Blijburg. Deze special van Margriet had als thema blauw/wit/grijs met een hint zwart, niet echt mijn kleurtjes maar ik vond deze felblauwe top van Junarose wel geslaagd. Uiteindelijk heb ik wel mijn eigen rokje (H&M+) en pumps aan gehad. Ik ben stiekem wel trots dat ik in de Margriet mocht en ik hoop dan ook dat ik in de toekomst nog een hoop curvy vrouwen mag inspireren met mijn blog. Hoop dat je het leuk vindt! Oh en scroll even naar beneden voor de video die is gemaakt tijdens de shootdag en dan zie je ook de andere vrouwen die meededen. Deze Margriet is deze week t/m donderdag nog te koop (snel dus) als je de rest nog wil lezen.

Love Els ♥

Text: Elleke van Duin
Photgrapher: Robert Alexander
Styling: Sadia Veenstra
Muah: Gerry An


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