Series ♥ Fashiontwins E&E: The color combination

We are wearing:
Edith: Sweater and trousers Marina Rinaldi | Shoes Boohoo
Els: Sweater and trousers H&M+ (old) | Bib collar Erfo | Shoes H&M
Photos: Simone van Rees
Do you remember ‘Same style, different body shape’? Edith Dohmen from the blog Stylehasnosize and I have made new series of FASHIONTWINS. Another photographer, another style.
We have a lot of things in common: we are both fashionstylists, graphic designers and fashion bloggers (we even drive the same car). The name FASHIONTWINS is born! But different about us is our body types, size and style. To show you, how these same pieces look like on different body’s we started this series. And we looooove size diversity!
Fashion is fun!
Fashion is fun and we show how it looks on different body types. I am 1.73 and wear a size 48-50 EU, 18-20 US. Edith is a bit taller than me, 1.81, and wears a size 44-46 EU, 14-16 US. 
This week not the same piece of clothing but a color combination. How chique does burgundy and gray look together? Edith is wearing the palazzo pant and I’m wearing a pant which is a bit baggy on top and skinny on the leg. I bought it on sale last year for only €10,- (and it’s such a nice pant to wear). The bib collar I’m wearing is a great invention, you can wear this under dresses, sweaters, or anywhere you want a collar on. Perfect to turn your look around in a second. This one is from Erfo which is a plus size label but you can find these bib collars in a lot of different variations from other non-plus labels as well because it’s almost sizeless. You can also use an old shirt or shirt that doesn’t fit and cut it off to a bib. A simple DIY 😉
So tell me, is burgundy and grey a color combination for you as well?
Hope you liked this one! See you next week, same time, same place, different outfit!

Love Els ♥


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