My head in the clouds


Hi my loves and welcome to my brand new blog! From now on it has my own name above it because, well it’s just me! I wanted to change my blog name for quite some time now because xl Fashionfile did not work for me anymore. So I finally did it! Do you like it? Don’t worry, the old posts are still here, they need some work but I’m taking it one step at a time.

So now let’s talk fashion! This dress I call my blue cloud because it’s made out of a lot of material and when I sit down I have to organize all that fabric around me so I feel like I’m sitting in a blue cloud 🙂 This is the kind of dress you want to swirl around in all day like a little girl in her pink glittery princess dress. All that’s missing is the magic wand.

Does it make me look slimmer? Hell no, but fashion should be fun and not always about slimming you down. It should make you happy and make you feel good in it, right?

Talk to you soon!




Fashion should be fun and not always about making you look slimmer


Dress Asos Curve | Shoes Sacha

Photo’s taken by the amazing Josine of (Thanks Josie!)


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