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Hi guys, I’m back from my holidays! Today I started working again, well, a slow start up with a lot of coffee 😉 But first things first… if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen these pictures come by but I wanted to show them to you here on my blog as well. I’m not blogging every single outfit I wear but on my Instagram I do. There you can see a lot more outfits and inspiration. At least I’m trying to. I also use Insta stories for the daily sense and nonsense so if you want to take a look you a more than welcome. You can find me here.

Insta outfits plussize curvy fashion 4

Insta outfits plussize curvy fashion 2

Insta outfits plussize curvy fashion 3

About my holidays: I went to Lake Como for a week with my love and my kids. It was hot hot hot! There was a heatwave going on so lot’s of pooltime and I finally got to wear my new bikini by Prima Donna. We also visited some nice places like Bellagio, Varenna (bought a super nice silk scarf there) and Como. In Como I did some sale shopping at Marina Rinaldi, I bought a love summer dress and the blog of this dress will be up at the end of the week.

I wore some old dresses and also some new but it was too hot for really fancy stuff. After this week in Italy we had 1 week left in Holland and I went to Rotterdam with my love. We spend the night on a boat: the SS Rotterdam which is the old boat that used to be the Holland-America line. It was so lovely! If you ever have the chance you have to sleep here!

I also spend a night with Belloya to check out the new fall/winter collection and oh boy… it’s good! Keep your eye on their webshop this week when it goes online.

So now it’s back to work and back to blogging! How did you spend your holidays?




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