Shine like Ashley

Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 1Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 3Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 4Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 5

A few weeks ago I was at the Ashley Graham x Marina Rinaldi event in Amsterdam. For me that was the first time to see, feel and fit the items from this denim capsule collection. Of course I’ve seen the gorgeous photo’s with Ashley Graham and although I liked the pieces very much I didn’t think they would fit my body type. A lot of the pieces in this capsule collection are rather body con and that’s something I don’t wear much. Why? Well most of the time because of the belly. Yep, that’s a thing for me.

I felt a little bit like Ashley, confident, feminine and very sexy!

So I came in one hour before the event started and tried on several things. The pencil skirt, the leather jacket, trousers, strapless top and body, they all fitted great. But… I had my eye on the dress and didn’t think it would look as nice on me as it does on Ashley herself. And then I tried it on. It was a bit of a hassle to put it on but once it was on it fitted like a glove. And most of all I was pleasantly surprised when I took a look in the mirror. Yep, that was me, rocking the denim body con dress and I totally forgot about the belly! It was also boyfriend approved (he came with me that day) so that’s a big plus!

Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 7Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 6Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 8Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 9Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 10This dress is cut so well for the curvy body that even if you don’t have curves you instantly create them when you put the dress on. Perfection! I must say all the items are constructed in such a way that they make your curves shine. The denim is the best denim you can get and is all made in Italy. It’s stretchy both ways and wears with great comfort because of that. I also really like the rose gold details on it. So nice. By the way, I’m wearing a size EU50 (and a shape wear dress underneath).

A dress like this doesn’t need much. Yeah okay, maybe some glitter heels. A little glitter never killed nobody, right? They heels kill my feet but hey, all for the perfect picture! The coat goes great with denim so it had to join the party. I must say, this dress made me feel a little bit like Ashley Graham, confident, feminine and sexy!

Did you have a chance to try something from this collection?


Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 12Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 11Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 13Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 14Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 15Ashley Graham xMarina Rinaldi 16

Me being a dork and acting like a mannequin in the window of the Marina Rinaldi store

What I’m wearing:

Dress c/o Marina Rinaldi

Coat H&M

Shoes River Island




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