All things blue

OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 2OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 3OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 4OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 5OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 6OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 7

When Yoek asked me if I wanted to review something from their collection I wanted to try something completely different and out of my usual zone. And my usual zone is dresses as you well know. Lately I’m going through a style change, I don’t know why but why search for a reason? Maybe my style is evolving and I like to try some new things. Like jeans for example.

I’ve never been a big fan of jeans: it’s difficult to find a pair that fit great. You at least have to try 10 pair to find the perfect one. The fabric is stiff and most of the times the waist sits uncomfortable at your stomach area and you get a muffin top. Nope… not a fan of jeans. But that was somewhat years ago… luckily the techniques for fabric are developed and the cuts in plussizes are improved.

I’ve never been a fan of jeans…

This jeans honestly feels like a pyjama pant! It’s a thinner jeans fabric and very elastic. You might even do a yoga session in them šŸ˜‰ The waist is high but doesn’t make the muffin top because of the elastic fabric. Oh and the legs are loooooong! Yay! I’m wearing a size EU 50 here.

OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 8OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 9OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 10

Another thing I don’t wear often is something really loose fit. I always like to see the outline of the body or more shape in a garment, it makes you look slimmer. But slimmer isn’t always better, loose fit are for those days when you just feel like it (or when you are bloated, y’all know those days of the month right?). Just casual, no nonsense, and oh so comfortable. Just spice it up with red lips and some awesome shoes! The blouse doesn’t wrinkle so it’s also perfect for traveling or sitting in the office all day. The white cuffs are a nice detail. I think it looks crispy and makes a clean look. I’m wearing a size XL but it’s a bit big for me, an L would have been better but it’s okay, I’m really doing the loose fit trend here šŸ˜‰

What you think about this look? Is it something you would wear?


OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 11OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 12OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 13OOTD Yoek plussize curvy outfit 14

What I’m wearing:

BlouseĀ c/o Miss Yoek

JeansĀ c/o Yoek

ShoesĀ Primark

BagĀ Sissy Boy




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